Our People

Our People

The path to recovery can be best navigated with an experienced, empathetic, professional. We are a small team of dedicated people who are here to help lift you up, to restore your balance. We have depth of knowledge, a range of therapies and techniques we can share to help you build a tool box to draw from. Your safety and well-being is always our top priority. Find out a little about each of us here:



Clients can expect to feel a sense of acceptance by myself, and an understanding that actions based on their experience of trauma do not  define an individual.

My choice to pursue counselling stemmed from my passion of working with families to create healthy and nurturing home environments. I employ a grass-roots and holistic approach to working with clients. With adults this means allowing the client to lead the therapeutic process and identify their own meaningful goals. For child clients this may look like allowing space for the parent or carer’s voices to be heard,  receive support and psycho-education. Some of the specific therapy interventions utilised by myself include Play Based Therapy which allows a client to process their traumatic experience by expression of their life narrative in their own time and their own communication style. Another intervention utilised is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT involves separation of thoughts and feelings; the client learns to regain control of their thoughts and reactions to navigate life’s hurdles and trauma with a focus on their own goals and recovery.

I will support you to identify healthy paths and strategies to regain control of your life and become the best possible version of yourself.



With Judith, Clients can expect a person-centred approach. Person-centred is strengths based; people are acknowledged as the experts in their life with a focus on what they can do first, and any help they need second. We include the person’s support networks as partners in recovery. A person-centred approach should support and enable a person to build and keep control over their life.


Intake & Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Gretchen has a passion for mental health wellbeing and disability. Her goal is to contribute to the community by imparting relevant resources, build social connections, and inspire each one to actively advocate in the improvement and accessibility of services for mental health wellbeing and enhancing capacity building for people with disability. Gretchen’s hope for the future is for everyone to have the opportunity to experience a meaningful existence. Gretchen believes that for a vision to grow and succeed you must invest in yourself. Progress and accomplishments comes from a strong foundation, a steadfast heart, and a bold personality.
“Be yourself, Everyone else is taken”- Oscar Wilde


Business Services – Finance

To be part of a team supporting people to understand and continue their journey is an amazing experience. Trauma has been something that I have had to deal with personally and at one point in time I believed that I could not accomplish what I wanted to achieve because of it. Everyday someone walks through the doors feeling what I felt for years and everyday a person walks out those doors one step closer to being able to achieve what they want for themselves. I would have never thought following the path I wanted in finance would lead me to being a part of a team helping so many people create their new journey.


Business Services

Maureen may be part of the welcome to Trauma Assist, either over the phone or at the door. Work life balance is a top priority for Maureen and this is reflected in her upbeat attitude she brings in to our workplace each and everyday. Maureen keeps us all ticking along and in balance.


Youth Wellbeing Facilitator

My appreciation for the social sector arose from experiences that hindered my personal development; aligning with my motive of working with people who may benefit from my support. Through my studies of Social Work, I endeavour to utilise the education I am fortunate enough to receive, to benefit those I encounter.


Counsellor – Team Leader (Acting)

Active listening, re-discovering forgotten goals and imagining a life where joy can seep back in, are key parts of Mary’s counselling philosophy. Validating current strategies, recognising strengthens and building back better are all part of the process when engaging with Mary.

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