Inter-generational Trauma

Inter-generational Trauma affects individuals and communities across our land

As our understanding of trauma as individuals, communities, organisations and a nation has grown we have come to recognise that trauma can track across generations – through behaviour and feelings – leaving the scars deep in both well being, sense of place, development, engagement and productivity.

Inter-generational Trauma requires understanding, empathy and a holistic approach to healing. Engagement with individuals, families and communities who feel deeply the trauma of past generations require skill, commitment and structure.

Inter-generational Trauma in Australia is clearly connected to the well-being of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, however many individuals and communities who form our diverse population can carry with them the impact of trauma inflicted on their ancestors.

We welcome the opportunity to work with organisations, community groups, individuals to create supportive and connected programmes.

We offer specific workshops and programmes focused on connecting and creating holistic healing so feel free to reach out and discover how we can support you or yours.

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