What is Domestic & Family Violence?

Domestic and family violence is when one person in a relationship uses violence or abuse to control the other person. Domestic and family violence is usually an ongoing pattern of behaviour aimed at controlling a partner through fear.

Regardless of whether you are a young person or an older person, whether you have been in your relationship for many years or just a short time, it’s important to consider whether your relationship is safe and respectful.

Every year people die from domestic and family violence, even when there has been no history of physical violence. All forms of violence and controlling, obsessive and jealous behaviours should be taken seriously

What is sexual violence?

Sexual Violence is a crime and is defined as any sexual behaviour which is carried out without the consent of, or against the wishes of the person to whom the violence is directed.

Suicide Support

Finding the right support at the right time isn’t easy. We know there are different journey’s, and we also know the sooner you reach out and connect the better. You may be the one who needs some help right now or you may be someone affected by suicide, or you may want to know how to support a loved one. Ideally, let’s talk and see what the next right step is for you … or if you want some further information read more by clicking below.

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