The pathway to finding the right support for you could include accessing various information and support. On this page you will find carefully chosen articles, resources, videos and connections which may be helpful.

Suicide Prevention

Life can be painful and problems can seem overwhelming at times. Some people may think about suicide but do not act upon it. For others, suicide seems like the only way out of their situation or the feelings they are experiencing. They generally feel very alone and hopeless. They believe nobody can help them or…

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Sexual Violence

Rape e.g. being forced to have vaginal, anal or oral sex; Stalking e.g. repeatedly being followed or watched by someone; Unwanted touching e.g. pinching, patting, embracing, rubbing, groping, flicking, kissing, fondling, being touched on the breasts, bum, legs etc; Sexual harassment e.g. sexual jokes or rude comments about a person’s sex life; Obscene gestures e.g.…

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Domestic and Family Violence Information

In your relationship you have the right to: express your opinions and have them respected (even if your partner does not agree with you) take the relationship at your own pace have your feelings about any sexual activities respected and accepted have your physical and emotional needs treated as equally important to your partner’s not…

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