About Trauma Assist

Sometimes we all need a helping hand.

What you need to know about us

Trauma Assist is committed to the principles of access, equity and client centered interventions for Adults, Children and Young People who have are living with the affects of trauma.

Trauma Assist understands the spectrum of trauma and has specialist response services available.

Trauma can be debilitating, leaving a person with a reduced quality of life and resulting in isolation, lower community connections and at risk of further trauma and disconnection.

Trauma Assist values the right of any person who has been affected by trauma to find a pathway to recover through intervention, support and strategies.

In keeping with our respect for the individual and our client centered approach, our service perceives the client as an expert in their situation and a person who is competent and resourceful. 

This is acknowledged by counsellors who maintain a position of respectful curiosity about those who approach us for assistance and support and we work with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome.

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