Work Place and Professional Support

Workplace and Professional Support

Trauma Assist understands the full spectrum of trauma and has the professional, experienced, skilled people to help your workplace thrive.

Our services extends to provision of Early Intervention Health and Well Being plan, delivery of Employee Assistance programmes and direct counselling or education in areas such as Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Inter-generational Traum.

Trauma may or may not have been experienced in the workplace but the affects of trauma can manifest in absenteeism, disengagement, under-performance, loss of opportunity, staff retention issues, office disharmony and erosion of workplace culture. We have the support, education and programmes to support your people with the help they deserve at the time it is most needed.

Our services are applicable across the spectrum of business and community organisations. We offer skilled and experienced support in the area of Professional Supervision and we offer specific Clinical Supervision for organisations who have staff engaged in the Helping Professions.

Find the support your team deserves begins with a conversation with us.

Trauma Assist provides support across:

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