Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision: Support, Assurance, Development

Professional Supervision for Helping Professionals

Our increasingly complex communities and workplace environments can result in accumulative stress for Helping Professionals. Professional Supervision can be the conduit for effective enhancement and development.

Effective supervision can often be the difference between: success and failure, stress and job satisfaction, worry and reassurance, good practice and excellent practice.

Its significant role should therefore not be underestimated.

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Professional Supervision provides a consistent, safe forum for those in helping and caring roles to reflect, review, feel supported, gain assurance and practice continual professional development.

Professional Supervision is a partnership and collaborative process whereby an individual has the opportunity to enhance practices and procedures, increase effectiveness and reposition as necessary. Professional Supervision can be individual, one on one based, or small group or team based.

Professional Supervision is a structured process which includes constructive, non- judgmental feedback, active listening and sharing of insights, and viewpoints, drawn from experience and delivered with understanding and compassion.

Provision of supervision from an external, experienced provider removes bias, politics and workplace restrictions, resulting in a clean, safe and confidential environment. This type of environment provides a wider space for sharing personal issues or dilemmas, removing hurdles for progress as well as allowing the identification or sharing of conflicts of interest or areas of ethical concern to be openly and frankly discussed.

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