Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision: Reflect, Support, Develop

General consensus, and research, in Health, Well Being, Counselling and Psychology is a recognition of the value of the relationship between Practitioner and Client; the best outcomes are found at the nexus between rapport, connection, expertise and professionalism.

This same value of the relationship is required in the Clinical Supervision space; the best outcomes are found when the working relationship between Supervisor and Supervisee enjoys rapport, connection, expertise and professionalism.

This is the primary focus of our qualified Clinical Supervisors at Trauma Assist.

Continual individual improvement for the benefit of clients is an overall goal of supervision



Clinical Supervision provides an opportunity to widen back and expand a viewpoint – in a safe, confidential environment. As well as providing a professional debrief this is an active reflective process.


Developing clear goals for Clinical Supervision can include support in areas such a time management, administrative requirements, external referral governance. This is the pragmatic support which is often overlooked and when not included in the Clinical Supervision programme can erode client outcomes and undermine the reflective and professional development goals.


Creating a plan and strategy to identify gaps in learning and encourage continual learning is a key component in professional development. Understanding the niche areas of counselling and interest of the supervisee and developing a plan to ensure an active professional development programme reinforces the overall goals of supervision.

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