Shark Cage Inspiration

Shark Cage Inspired Drawing

The above image represents a Client’s consolidated knowledge after completing The Shark Cage Programme in a one-on-one setting within Trauma Assist.

The Counsellor worked alongside the Client as they explored past and present relationships. The Client learnt to identify possible red flags in an unhealthy relationship; learning about the 9 types of violence and discovering their individual rights, wants and needs and how a healthy relationship might look, sound and feel.

During the Shark Cage programme a Client is empowered to find their voice and learn the value of themselves  to promote healthy relationships and interactions.

In this image, the Shark represents abusive or disrespectful people. The Dolphin represents the people who offer support and safety. The Fish represents the qualities and strength of the Client, and the Treasure Chest represents the hobbies, resources and strategies that provide self-care, stress relief and enjoyment to the Client’s life. The orange and pink writing represents the personal rights that are valued by the Client and provides a guide to how they would like to be treated within a healthy relationship.

Shark Cage is a metaphor based programme that describes how we develop our sense of boundaries and rights. The use of the metaphor enables women and girl’s to understand their primary human rights, decide what is important to them as an individual and create a shark cage – a boundary – to address and prevent unacceptable behaviours.

The developer of the framework is Melbourne-base psychologist Ursula Benstead.

The image is published with permission from the Client.

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